Odin Ritual Perfume is back!!


Now available in my shop:

Formulated in honor of the Norse God Odin, this blend evokes the deep woods through which the Wanderer loves to ramble. A base of rich oakmoss is layered with plant essences native to the northern forest, finishing with spiritually elevating sandalwood and a pinch of black pepper. This scent is virile, sensual, sophisticated, and complex, with a little bit of bite–just like the Old Man Himself.

May be used to anoint candles, petitions and offerings, or simply as a delightful personal fragrance.

Pure essential oils in a base of virgin olive oil, presented in a 5 mL amber glass bottle with a Euro-dropper cap.

– Protect from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
– Alcohol, phthalate, paraben, synthetic, and cruelty free.
– Vegan and handmade, with ethically sourced ingredients.

Additional perfume blends will be offered soon!


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