Still available: Elemental Beeswax Votives

Sharing these beauties here because there’ve been no takers for them yet and they were only posted to the old blog. They are scented with pure essential oils, and I have to tell you guys,  I’ve been burning a few of them myself and the scent throw is actually PHENOMENAL for beeswax. (Plus, you get a suggestion of honey fragrance from the beeswax mingled with the essential oils, which is absolutely exquisite.) They’ve been reduced to $8 each (and there is a low shipping charge in addition to that), and considering the price of beeswax, they won’t be going any lower than that, so if you have any interest grab some now! Otherwise, I’ll keep them all for myself, I guess. 😀


Nothing brightens up your home or sacred space like the warm golden glow of beeswax candles! Each candle comes to you in a glass votive holder hand-painted in matte colors (black for Fire, pink for Earth, celery for Water, and lavender for Air) and adorned with the relevant elemental symbol.

The beeswax has been blended with creamy organic virgin coconut oil (which reduces burn temperature, for a cleaner burn in container candles) and pure essential oils. (Sage for Earth, lavender for Air, lotus for Water, and rosemary for Fire.) Wicks are cotton and paper wick. (NO zinc.)

Beeswax is chemical-free, clean and pure, naturally honey-scented, and hypoallergenic. Burning beeswax candles actually IMPROVES air quality and is recommended for people with breathing issues.

Each votive is now only $8 plus a small shipping charge. I have a limited supply of these–get yours here!


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