New in the shop: feather necklaces!


I hope you’re ready for compliments–because you’re going to get plenty of them!

Celebrate the spirit and magick of your favorite birds without endangering them–while adding a touch of boho flair to any outfit–with these lightweight hand painted leather necklaces.

Each “feather” is approximately 3 1/4″ long with a copper wire-wrapped gemstone drop. Ready to wear on a 26″ copper chain with a lobster claw clasp. (If you’d like your necklace shortened to a different length, just let me know by leaving a note in your shopping cart and I’ll take care of that for you before it ships.)

Only $20 each, plus shipping, these make a wonderful little gift for yourself or someone special.

Currently available:


Blue Jay with dumortierite: Clever little corvids that they are, blue jays symbolize resourcefulness, clarity, curiosity, and determination. I associate them with Trickster deities such as Loki and Hermes.


Raven/crow with labradorite: Ravens and crows are associated with the gods Apollo and Odin and the goddess Morrigan, and are symbolic of magick, secrets, and mystery. (You can also find matching earrings for this necklace here.)


Red-tailed hawk with black tourmaline: Hawks symbolize awareness, empowerment, warriorship, and power. They are associated with the goddesses Freyja, Danu, Isis, and Hera, and the gods the Dagda, Horus, and Ra.


Seagull with moonstone: Graceful scavengers of the shoreline, seagulls are associated with the ocean deities–Poseidon, Njord, Ran, Aegir, and Manannan mac Lyr–and are symbolic of survival, resourcefulness, and communication.


Peacock with blue opal: Peacocks symbolize abundance, beauty, confidence, manifestation, and harmony. They are associated with the goddesses Hera, Iris, and Saraswati, and the gods Amun, Brahma, and Hermes.


Red-winged blackbird with black tourmaline: Blackbirds symbolize courage, dark mother energy, guidance, and renewal, and are associated with the goddess Rhiannon.


Owl with moonstone: Owls symbolize wisdom, intuition, clairvoyance, the underworld, and transition. They are associated with the goddesses Athena, Hekate, Lakshmi, and the Calleach Bheur, and with the gods Ares, Asclepius, and Indra.

Not seeing the specific feather you’re looking for in any of my necklace listings? Then this custom option is for you!

With this listing, YOU name the bird (real-life; fantasy, or extinct) and I will make a painted leather necklace for you featuring that bird’s feather. (In the case of fantasy or extinct birds, I will consult with you on the design specifics and colors.)

The finished feather will be finished with a gemstone drop in a coordinating color (please allow me to choose a suitable gemstone bead for you from my stash) and attached to a chain in the length of your choice, with a lobsterclaw clasp. (Choose from copper, antiqued bronze, and silvertone chain.)


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