A photo tribute to Corbie J by Jo, on our10th annual Corbie J. Day.

Strip Me Back to the Bone

Well, we made it. Didn’t think we would. The good days still out-number the bad, though we’re getting closer to the end of being able to finagle his meds around. I had a long recap typed up, but instead: pictures. Help us celebrate Corbie J. Day by hugging your loved ones close, regardless of species — though, you know, if they don’t like hugs, or can’t be hugged, hug them in your hearts instead.

Once upon a time, we would celebrate this day by plying him with his favorite treats and taking him on long outtings that we’d usually have to carry him home from. This year, we’re happy to let him celebrate in his preferred way:


20170205_122618 why, hullo.

download_20160428_162324 I help make this. Getting ready for the daughter and her beau.

download_20160428_162337 if I fits I sits?

20160519_111535 car ride yaaaaaas. Ocean trip with daughter and beau

20160519_152829 “NOPE.” He didn’t care for…

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