7 Day Dressed Pagan Prayer Candles are Back!

They’re back! Due to popular demand, my dressed 7 Day Pagan Prayer Candles are available in my shop once again, on a custom made to order basis. The image of your choice (deity, personal spirit, ancestor or folk hero/heroine–you name it!) is printed in color on 32 lb paper and affixed to a 7 day prayer candle. The candle is then energetically dressed and “fixed” for you, with oils, herbs, and glitter set into the wax.
These candles are perfect for your altar or shrine, to honor your deities and spirits and to be used in your daily devotional routine. They can also be used as the focus of a spell or magickal working.
8″ tall 7 day candle
White WaxWhen placing your order, please leave a note for me in your shopping cart specifying the following:

1)Who the candle is for. If you would like to supply your own image, it needs to be at least 700 pixels x 700 pixels to print properly. You can email the image to me at wodandis@gmail.com. If you would like me to find an image for you, let me know how you see the god or spirit in question. I will email you the image for your approval before making your candle.

2) Your choice of essential oils for dressing the candle. You can choose from the incense fragrance blends, make up your own blend, or ask me to choose for you. I have a pretty large stash of oils; I will let you know if your choices are not available and we can select a substitute. (I do not work with rose oil, as it is a migraine trigger in my household.)

3) Your choice of dried herbs/flower petals. Again, I have a pretty large stash, and I will let you know if we need to choose a substitute. (Dried rose petals ARE available.)

4) Your choice of glitter colors. As above, I have a wide assortment but will work with you to find a substitute if need be.


You can get started here.


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