Feather Cuff Bracelets are here!


Brand new in the shop:

Inspired by the plumage of some of the world’s most spectacular birds, my handcrafted leather bracelet cuffs offer a way to pay homage to these beautiful creatures without endangering them. Wearing them is also bound to attract plenty of attention and compliments! They’re perfect for dressing up any everyday outfit, but imagine wearing one to a ritual or pagan convention; you will get comments on your bracelet, for sure!

Each bracelet is:

– Hand cut, carved, painted, and conditioned for a smooth, flexible finish
– About 2″ wide and 1.5 – 2 mL thick (with variations due to carving)
– Vegetable tanned leather, bronze or silvertone snap
– Made in Oregon, USA

Sizes are measured from the center of each snap and are as follows:

SMALL – 6 1/2″
MEDIUM – 7 1/2″
OR enter a custom size at checkout

To wear a wide leather cuff comfortably, please order one size larger than your usual bracelet/wrist size.

Currently, I have the following bracelets available; for all of these, medium is in stock as of this writing, other sizes made to order. (And several additional bracelets coming soon!)


Green woodpeckers represent awakening (“opportunity knocking”), assertiveness, prophecy, communication, determination, discernment, and protection. They are associated with Ares, Pan, Sylvanus, and Zeus.


Solar birds, peacock pheasants represent attraction, confidence, creativity, fertility, sexuality, and cosmic balance. They are sacred to the goddess Ameratsu, but their energy is a good match for any solar deity.


Sacred to the Aztec and Mayan people, quetzal feathers were worn by their priests and royalty during ceremonies, but this bird was held in such high esteem that they would not either capture or kill it; they simply removed a few feathers and set the bird free. Quetzal birds represent liberty in South America much as the bald eagle does in the US.


Also known as the Halcyon bird, the kingfisher is an ancient symbol of peace and prosperity. These breathtaking birds are associated with Pallas Athena, Hera, and Thetis.


Solar birds, the macaw represents communication, mimicry, playfulness, inspiration, and persistence. Their energy is a good match for solar deities.

ALSO, there is a custom option available wherein I will make a bracelet cuff for you to resemble ANY feather–real, fantasy, or extinct! You’ll find that here. (There are custom listings for my feather necklaces, too!)







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  1. Limnaia says:

    These are gorgeous!

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