New Etsy listing for custom prayer beads!

custom prayer beadsI decided that the custom guidelines I posted the other day aren’t going to work for me long term, so I put up an actual Etsy listing, with all custom orders payable in advance just as we used to do. (This is necessary for me since I don’t always have money on hand to order materials. That said, custom orders will be processed pretty quickly for the time being–usually within two weeks–since I don’t have the backlog I had once upon a time in the good old days. 🙂 )

Currently, custom prayer beads are $27 per set plus calculated USPS shipping (with the caveats below regarding potentially expensive materials).

Here are the new guidelines–basically, this is exactly what you’ll see in the listing:

Custom order guidelines:

This listing is for a set of custom pagan prayer beads in the general design featured in my shop (and in the photo examples given above). Generally, the prayer bead sets I can make at this price include the following:

1) 27 round 8mm gemstone beads, including up to three different types of gemstone, knotted on silk

2) a glass cork-stopped charm bottle (permanently sealed) containing herbs and other small samples (such as feathers, graveyard dirt, natural snake sheds, etc.) appropriate to the theme of the prayer beads

3) 2-3 metal, antler, and/or leather charms appropriate to the theme of the prayer beads

4) howlite skulls or other larger gemstone or metal beads for dividing the strand into three sets of nine beads each

If your design ideas differ from the above significantly, OR if you suspect that your gemstone or herb selections may be either expensive or hard to obtain, please message me through Etsy* or email me at wodandis at gmail dot com to discuss your ideas before purchasing this listing, as there may be an additional cost involved (beyond the price of this listing). All custom orders must be paid prior to my ordering materials or working on your beads.

When placing your order, please leave me as much detail as you can in the “note to seller” as to what you would like included in your set, and I will convo you if I have any questions. I am happy to either take the creative lead in crafting your beads (if, say, you want prayer beads for Odin but have nothing specific in mind beyond maybe a color scheme, plus ravens), OR I am happy to collaborate with you to design a sacred tool that best suits your practice–whichever works best for you! But please keep in mind that I may not be able to fulfill all design requests due to the availability, affordability, and/or ethical sourcing of some materials.

After your order has been placed, I will let you know the expected timeline for its completion (which will depend on whether supplies for it need to be ordered, etc). When your beads are completed, I will email photos to you for your approval, and if you are satisfied your prayer beads will be on their way home to you!


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