May Update

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Odin and LokiHey guys! I’ve been more quiet than usual this past month, and I wanted to check in. Everything is actually fine, I just haven’t had a lot to say. I’ve been spending less time on Facebook in favor of getting my Etsy shop  stocked with goodies (such as the deity poppets featured with this post), and although the shop has been doing okay, I don’t think it will ever be what it once was. There were a couple of weeks there where I thought it might start amounting to a full time business again (and maybe it will eventually) but so far it’s sporadic. Accordingly, I’m not able to pour the money into supplies that I was once able to, so I’m not aggressively pursuing growing the shop. It will continue to grow, but in slow, organic stages. Saving money needs to be a priority for me and Jo for some future plans we’ve been making, and there comes a point where sales coming in don’t really account for supply money going out. (This is why I no longer have coupon sales; there may be one for the holidays in the fall, but that’s it.) So I’m focusing on using the supplies I already have at home; you’ll be seeing some beaded pieces, yes, but also weavings, felt poppets, maybe some yarn, and possibly some polymer clay sculpted creations.

This spring and summer, my plans also include spending more time on paper-based artwork (since that’s cheaper to produce than crafted goods)–this may  ultimately lead to original art and prints becoming available, in addition to fun things like art pendants. I also plan to spend more time on personal projects and getting my spiritual practice back in shape. As much as I miss the shop’s success, most of the time I’m happy to not be quite as busy as I once was.

I’m also contemplating changes to my blog once again. I’m thinking it’s counterproductive to have a blog whose name doesn’t match that of my shop, so I’ve reserved TheWytchoftheNorthBlog on WordPress and will let you know when that gets going. I ‘d consider just going back to my old WytchoftheNorth blog, since it has a decent number of followers, but unfortunately it is also just about at its free image storage limit, and the idea of going through and deleting images is not at all appealing. (I don’t want to wipe the entire blog clean and start over, either, because there are too many posts there I want to save for posterity.) The new blog will be shop-oriented; there will be content posts, but they won’t be about my personal spiritual relationships. I’m feeling a strong urge to keep that stuff mostly private these days.  I will be sharing posts (or at the very least, links to them) on the old WytchoftheNorth blog until the new one takes off, and probably setting the BethWodandis blog to private.

What I will be doing, though, is reviving my YouTube channel, with videos about my practice in a more general way (now that my ADF membership has expired, I’m actually reading the Dedicant’s Manual and thinking of adopting their basic working format; yeah, I’m just contrary that way), my grimoire as it develops, Tarot deck flipthroughs and reviews, artwork, and anything else that it occurs to me to film. These videos will be made available to my patrons before they air for the general public, as a substitute for the personal blog posts. (And they’ll then get shared on the new blog as content there.)

And that’s pretty much it for now. Summer is hard for me anyway (I don’t do well in the heat), so slowing down a bit is not such a bad thing.


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  1. M.A. Rivera says:

    I’ve always loved your poppets in all their various incarnations! Even though your sure isn’t where you’d like it to be I do hope that it will eventually get there! Many blessings.


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