About Me

Hi, I’m Beth! I’m a Tarot reader, artist, polytheist, hearth Witch, crafter, and writer living with my wife in Eugene, Oregon. (I also run an online store, Wytch of the North, which is currently being transformed into a full-service occult emporium. I offer Tarot and oracle readings there, plus devotional incense, ritual oils, pagan jewelry, and really just about anything it strikes my fancy to make that I think my blog readership might appreciate.)


Sometime in 2009 I began blogging publicly (at my old blog, Wytch of the North) about being a longtime devotee (since 2002) of the Norse god Odin. I shared pretty extensively over there about my daily life as a godspouse, my approach to Odin and His lore, my thoughts on polytheism in general, and the development of my oracular seidhr practice. At the height of my blogging career, I had a pretty large and interactive readership, and even had a blog over at Pagan Square for a couple of years. I was also, in my free time (which also means free of charge) fielding a fair number of questions from other Odin devotees and prospective godspouses.

And then, the burnout began. Eventually, it got to the point where I needed to take a step back from the polytheist community and reassess what role, if any, I wanted to play in it. In the meantime, I moved most of my previous content to private. You can read more about my reasons for doing this, and about the burnout period in general, here.

In February 2017, I decided to start fresh: I set up a new blog, began actively blogging again, and began republishing some of my old content here. (Some of it will remain private, but I hope to bring over all of the posts people told me were most helpful to them.)

Why this new blog? When I started the old blog, I was more or less just flying by the seat of my pants. I want to set a different tone from the beginning this time. Taking some time off from the community made me realize where my boundaries are and what I need to do to maintain them. It also brought about a shift in how I want to present myself, going forward: as a devotee, a Witch who is also a longtime follower of Odin, rather than as a Heathen or a member of the “godspouse community.” Nothing has changed in our relationship, but I’ve finally matured enough (yes, at the age of 51!) that it can move from being centered on emotions (and hence, driven by emotional reactions) to being centered on Work (and hence, driven by need).

But most of all, in these dark times that lie ahead, I’m hoping to inspire, to give hope, to help others find purpose, courage, and determination as I find my own. I’m hoping to do my own bit in the resistance, from the spiritual side of things; not to be too Tolkein-y but I’m hoping to be a light in the darkness–because all the gods know we need those, and plenty of them.

Thanks for coming along on the journey.

Oh, one more thing! Since my shop sales slowed WAY down last year and it’s very much still on life support right now, if you find value in this blog or my other work, please consider becoming a Patreon supporter. I love my patrons and offer some really nice rewards in return for their ongoing help in keeping our household afloat.



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